Saturday, December 31, 2011

Getting Started

OK, so I think I've set up the new layout here now and we'll see how it goes once I start with the book reviews.  :)  Suggestions are welcome if I've left out a useful gadget or the layout gets over-crowded or confusing.

If I understand things correctly, it will be OK for me to start my CBR4 reviews in January (tomorrow!  Eeek!) with books I've read/listened to recently.  I listen to more books than I read to give my hands a rest from holding a book or e-reader, so I will specify which I am reviewing and comment on the quality as an audio book too, when appropriate.  The voice actors can really make or break a book sometimes, so YMMV if you encounter the book in a different format.  

This will be my first time actually writing book reviews -  I don't think we even did them in school!  And perversely, since I'm doing this, I don't really like reading reviews before I read a book. lol  I don't like spoilers.  So, I will probably be a little more vague on the plot vs some other reviewers and leave it for you to discover. But if you prefer more, please let me know.

The one thing I do like to know about books is their level of sexual violence and torture.  I have a very low tolerance for that kind of thing - probably because I get so into the books and seem to live them for awhile after they are finished.  I want my books to be an escape, not cause psychological trauma!  In short, I wish books had ratings like movies right on their covers.  Since they don't, I generally stick to young adult titles, especially in the fantasy and historical fiction genres, to avoid nasty surprises.  But, I'm not missing out.  There are a lot of great young adult authors, and I'm constantly discovering more. :)

I also enjoy autobiographies and some other types of non-fiction, so hope to review a little bit more of a variety than young adult fantasy and historical fiction - but those are still my favourites. 

Happy New Year and Happy reading to everyone in 2012!

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