Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cannonball Read IV

I figured it was about time to use this blog for something.  :)  So, I just signed up for Cannonball Read IV  (CBR4) - where you read (or listen to) books and post reviews.  I signed up for the half-goal of 26 books in 2012.  I normally read or listen to more than that in a year, but I'm not sure how tough it is going to be to write reviews - and the full goal of 52 seems like a lot!  (I really do need to be working more on my Zazzle products too! lol) 

Anyways, for now, this will be mainly the home of my book reviews for 2012.  I've never really written a book review before, but figured it was about time I try!  My BF gets tired of me going on and on about a book that really excited me - so you guys can now have that joy instead.  :)

So, right now, I'm still waiting for the e-mails after I signed up and hopefully they will include a more details on the rules  - like if I can use the books I listened to this week and get started right away or if I have to wait until books finished after Jan 1.

Oh, and you can also follow Cannonball Read info. on FB:

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