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loopyker's #CBR8 Review #03: Greenwitch by Susan Cooper

It will be a surprise to nobody that I came up short of my book review goal again.  At least this year I have a good excuse.  I jumped through a lot of immigration hoops and moved a big truck full of stuff from Canada to the US, all while planning a wedding.
It went more or less as planned, but of course everything took more time and work than anticipated.  Fortunately, I have a great husband and in-laws to help make the transition to my new home and country all go smoother.

Greenwitch bookcover
With so much on my mind, my memory for books hasn't been so good.  But, I really wanted to finish The Dark is Rising Sequence this year properly at least.  I already wrote a review for Greenwitch - twice! On paper, and lost them both during the packing and then the moving.  I listened to the audiobook three times over the year, which should say a lot about how good this series is in itself.  The third time was just as entertaining as the first and made me continue right on to the 4th book, The Grey King, without stopping to do the review properly.

Greenwitch is the shortest books in the series at just under 4.5 hours.  The characters from the first two books, the Drew children in Over Sea, Under Stone and Will Stanton in The Dark is Rising, finally meet through Merriman, back in the same village from the first book.  This nicely brings the books back to a more connected series as they all work to recover and understand an item stolen by the Dark.

I didn't fully understand why Merriman decides it is better not to explain anything about Will to the Drews.  They resent him at first, thinking that they have to keep secrets from him but then a friendship progresses.  Maybe they think better of him coming to this conclusion on their own?  Or maybe it is better for Will that he has some distance from them?

Happily, Jane has a more active role in Greenwitch.  But, I found it very frustrating that this only seems to be because a female was specifically needed to interact with the Greenwitch.  While she has an important role, her brothers and Will still have their own more dangerous adventures and roles to play without her, so it isn't entirely "her" book either.  The only other feminine voices are very minor characters or magic forces.

Again, this book is more magical than the first, so now the Drew children are more aware of the real situation of the Light and the Dark and also learn of the Wild Magic of the Greenwitch, but are still not told everything.  I feel they could handle knowing more and was annoyed when they had their memory wiped at one point.  But, it all worked out in the end.

The Narrator,  Alex Jennings, is feeling like an old friend by this point.  I would happily listen to this series many more times.  Two books left to review.

4.5 stars

Title: Greenwitch  (The Dark is Rising Sequence, Book 3)
Author: Susan Cooper
Audible Audio Edition
Narrator: Alex Jennings
Duration: 4 hours and 23 minutes
Publisher: Listening Library (April 12, 2007)

Other Formats: paperback/Kindle ebook
Print length: 131  pages
Publisher:   Margaret K. McElderry Books (November 30, 2010)
(First Edition: Scholastic Inc, 1974)
ISBN-10: 0590433180
ISBN-13: 978-0590433181
Kindle ASIN: B004A90BQ0

Rating system:
1 star (didn't like); 2 stars (OK); 3 stars (good); 4 stars (very good); 5 stars (favourite)

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